The Parrot Shall Rise (Art by @ryanednan)

The Parrot is still a young protocol, and there is a lot of room for growth. How can the Parrot Protocol be healthier?

  • More TVL
  • More Revenue
  • More Users
  • More integrations and partnerships

As such, short-term decisions should align with our long-term commitment to build a useful and profitable protocol…

If you love a Parrot that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky at night (Art by paan ❤#4403)

The Parrot is releasing the first PRT staking incentive program and creating a use case for the PRT token. Over the next 30 days, starting from September 28 UTC+04:00, 10M PRT will be distributed to depositors of the PRT-PAI vault.

The rewards are calculated based on the hourly snapshots of…

The last few days have been a crazy ride. The community has blessed us with overwhelming support. The trust that the community has placed in us is a great responsibility that we have to honor.

When we started Parrot Protocol, we believed that DeFi is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we…

The Solana network was down for 13 hours, and as a result the first auction of Parrot’s IDO was interrupted halfway through and many community members in European timezones were unable to participate.

We believe that the fairest approach going forward is to extend auction 1 so that anyone who…

The Parrot Protocol will be conducting its IDO during the week starting on September 14th. Parrot’s PRT token is a utility token that will enable community participation in many aspects of the Parrot Protocol. A total of 10% of the PRT supply will be auctioned during the IDO process.


The Party Parrot

Liquidity Network for Lending & Borrowing

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