Parrot Protocol Developer Updates 01/13/2022

The Party Parrot
1 min readJan 13, 2022


As we enter the new year, the team would like to share what we have been working on.

BunnyDucky Aggregator

There’s been significant progress made on BunnyDucky Aggregator development. It’s is getting ready for launch.

  1. The core features of BunnyDucky have been completed.
  2. BunnyDucky web client is completed.
  3. There’s been progress on developing a claimable rewards system using a Merkle Distributor.
  4. Jupiter Aggregator integration is being worked on to automate the revenue bonding mechanics.
  5. We are adding Port Finance and Sunny Aggregator integration to offer more yield opportunities.

Credix Investment

We are happy to announce our financial involvement with Credix. By bringing uncollateralized loans to the Solana ecosystem, Credix is democratising credit investing with a positive and social impact. This strategic move is to help increase the adoption of PAI by a larger user base. yPRT holders will be entitled to future Credix tokens.

pSOL Stability pool

We have started with the design to launch a stability pool for pSOL. Due to the difference in the debt composition with PAI, it will take some time to design and implement this stability pool. The goal is to stabilise pSOL’s peg to SOL.

By stabilising pSOL’s peg, we can open up more utility options in the Solana ecosystem.