PRT Value Accrual for Long-Term Growth

The Parrot is still a young protocol, and there is a lot of room for growth. How can the Parrot Protocol be healthier?

  • More TVL
  • More Revenue
  • More Users
  • More integrations and partnerships

As such, short-term decisions should align with our long-term commitment to build a useful and profitable protocol that can serve an ever-growing DeFi market over the next decade.

To align the short-term benefits of PRT holders with the long-term interests of the Parrot Protocol is to tie the incentives of holding PRT to the success metrics of the protocol. The best way to do that is to take the revenue generated by the protocol, and accrue that to the PRT holders. As the protocol continues to grow, the PRT token will become worth more and more.

The Parrot protocol currently has $400M TVL and is generating revenue from multiple sources. These revenue streams will accrue value to the PRT token by cycling the revenue back to the PRT market, starting October 1st 2021. Sources of revenue include:

  • +Earn vaults
  • Borrow interest rate
  • Stake pool fees
  • The returns generated by the Parrot Treasury

Every Friday, PRT tokens will be distributed to the depositors of the PRT-PAI vault to boost staker incentives. As the Parrot protocol grows, PRT stakers will receive more incentives!

It’s never too late to join the party.



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