Parrot Fledgling Incentive Program: 80,000,000 PRT for pSOL and PAI

  • The TVL has grown from $1.5M to $50M
  • The PAI supply has grown from a little more than $1m to $20M
  • Formed partnerships with lending platforms such as Port Finance, Apricot Finance, and Solend
  • Formed partnerships with leverage yield farms such as Solfarm and Francium
  • Formed partnerships with Switchboard, an oracle solution

The Parrot Fledgling Incentive Program

  • Create use cases for PAI, making it the premier decentralized stablecoin on Solana
  • Bootstrap pSOL, a primitive that helps secure the Solana network and makes SOL a productive DeFi asset
  • Stake SOL with the Parrot Stake Pool to generate prtSOL. This will earn you validator rewards (~7% APY), plus the PRT incentives.
  • Use mSOL (Marinade’s stake pool token) mint pSOL
  • Use stSOL (Chorus One’s stake pool token) to mint pSOL
  • Use SOCN (Socean’s stake pool token) to mint pSOL
  • Use prtSOL (Parrot’s stake pool token) to mint pSOL
  • Use any other stake pool that Parrot accepts as collateral to mint pSOL
  • Become a pSOL-USDC LP
  • Become a pSOL-SOL LP
  • Become an LP on a stable swap pool that includes PAI
  • Become a MER-PAI LP
  • Become a SAMO-PAI LP
  • Become an LP for any other trading pair using PAI
  • Deposit PAI or pSOL to a lending market: Port, Apricot, Solend, Jet
  • Deposit PAI or pSOL to a leverage farm: Solfarm, Francium, Solyard

Keeping the Parrot Incentives Agile

  • The Parrot SHALL NOT decrease the total amount of rewards, and
  • The Parrot SHALL NOT change the rewards already given (unless it’s a bug…)

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