Introducing yPRT: The Parrot Yield Token

  • Incentive programs will issue yPRT instead of PRT
  • yPRT can be converted to PRT over a vesting period of 1 year
  • Converting PRT to yPRT will entitle you to receive additional yPRT, thus compounding your PRT holdings
  • Exponential decay unlocks more % of tokens earlier in the vesting schedule
  • Exponential decay makes it possible to add more yPRT tokens to an existing vesting vault at any time, yet all additional vesting amounts still follow the same vesting schedule
  • yPRT holders
  • PAI trading pairs
  • Parrot SOL liquid staking pool
  • PAI and pSOL stability pools, to help maintain the stable swap pegs
  • Deposits in +EARN vaults
  • And other new use cases as the team launches new features




Liquidity Network for Lending & Borrowing

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The Party Parrot

The Party Parrot

Liquidity Network for Lending & Borrowing

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