Calling For Parrots: Community Contributor Rewards

The Party Parrot
2 min readJun 23, 2021


Parrot Finance is intended to be a community-driven project, and we would like to build on that vision by rolling out the Parrot Contributor Rewards program. We value our community, especially members who choose to directly contribute to the project.

To make sure that our community has a stake in the project, we have reserved 100 guaranteed IDO slots for standout community contributors.

We know that there are a bunch of you talented folks out there, and we would love to use your creations for our projects. By showing off your skills in the Parrot Discord, you will distinguish yourself from the flock and achieve the distinguished OG role.

As an OG, you will be entitled to many perks, including badges, custom Parrot avatars, exclusive NFTs, etc.

There are many ways to contribute. Following are the roles we are looking for:

  • Design — Create parrot arts, graphics, emojis, NFTs, promotional images, etc.
  • Animation/ideography — Create eye-popping animations that show off the Parrot brand.
  • Content Creation — Write tweets, articles, educational content, or funny memes.
  • Moderation — Helping people, answering questions, enlivening the channels. We also welcome mods from non-English communities, particularly Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, or Korean speakers.
  • Event Organization — Plan quizzes, tournaments, tasks for the community to participate.

We encourage everyone to participate and help us build a strong, active, and thriving community.

Note: The Parrot Contributor Rewards Program will continue even after the IDO. It is never too late to join the Parrot Party.

Humans are welcome to join the parrot party too!



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