A Letter From The Parrot: Just Warming Up

The Party Parrot
1 min readSep 18, 2021


The last few days have been a crazy ride. The community has blessed us with overwhelming support. The trust that the community has placed in us is a great responsibility that we have to honor.

When we started Parrot Protocol, we believed that DeFi is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we intend Parrot to be a project of love that we can nurture for the long run. The support that we have received further strengthens this belief.

The Parrot Team has a track record of pushing out products quickly and iterating on features that can grow our user base and TVL. We will continue to make the Parrot Protocol more useful and be a positive force in the Solana ecosystem.

Going forward, the impact areas that we’ll need to work on are:

  • PRT staking that provides services to the protocol
  • A community NFT plan
  • Adjusting the borrowing interest rates to make Parrot sustainable over the long-term
  • Deeper integrations with partner protocols

There is a lot of hard work ahead of us. The Parrot team will continue to move fast, be frugal, and make cool stuff. We believe that Solana’s high throughput and low-cost transactions will attract more and more new users to the ecosystem.

The Parrot has received a tremendous amount of help from our ecosystem partners:


Love working with you all, especially during tough times.

Parrot 𓅊